How to Transform Any Room in Your Home Into a Party Room

Whether it’s the kitchen after everyone starts making a mess or the drug room after that game of Twister turns tense, a room can get bad quickly. Here are some ways to avoid that.

Often times, party room game idea also function as dining room spaces, gathering rooms and even additional living rooms. They should be comfortable and serve the family’s everyday needs when not in use to host parties.

Whether it’s the kitchen after everyone starts making a mess or the drug room after that game of Twister turns tense, a room can get bad quickly. Here are some ways to avoid that.

Home Party Room

Whether your family is more casual or formal, having a room in the house dedicated to entertaining can be a big benefit. A remodeling project gives you a chance to design it with this purpose in mind, but even if you don’t have the space to remodel, there are ways to transform any room into a party-ready space.

Consider adding balloons in a variety of shapes, colors, and themes to fit any theme. For example, you can decorate with inflatable palm trees or pirate treasure chests for a tropical party. You could also add a few strands of multicolored or white string lights to create a more festive look.

When you’re hosting a home party, offering snacks is always a good idea. It’s a way for your guests to soak up the alcohol and will help them leave the party feeling full and satisfied. Turn one of your rooms into a cloakroom with an area for coats and hats so your guests can leave their belongings while still enjoying the party.

Dining Room

The dining room bears witness to noisy family bickering, quiet formal dinners and charming parties. It is usually close to the kitchen for serving convenience and located near the entrance of the home for guests to greet the hosts.

Ideally the floor and furniture should be easy to clean and preferably stain resistant. It’s a good idea to use movable furniture for flexibility, so that you can adjust the arrangement of furniture for various party themes or the number of people.

A large table is essential for a dining room, along with chairs. You may want to add a hutch, sideboard or buffet for additional storage and display space for food items. A sink and bar area can be used to create a drink station for your guests. Make sure there are plenty of trash receptacles for your guests to use for their empty beverage containers, food scraps and cigarette butts. The ceiling should be tall enough to prevent the room from feeling claustrophobic. A cathedral, sloped or tray ceiling is ideal.

Living Room

As its name implies, the Living Room is a space to relax and enjoy friends and family. It’s commonly one of the first rooms people see when entering a home. As a result, many homeowners who want to entertain opt for this room over the kitchen or another dining area.

As a party room, it’s best to keep living rooms as kid- and pet-free as possible, allowing for more luxurious furnishings and accessories like oversized art or bespoke furniture. Guests can kick back and relax in plush slipper chairs or cozy up on a comfy sofa while watching TV or chatting with friends.

As a party room game idea, a living room also benefits from having a high ceiling height to make a crowded space feel spacious and airy. Cathedral, sloped, or tray (also known as trey) ceilings are all ideal for this purpose. The more comfortable a living room feels, the more relaxed your guests will be—and the better you’ll be able to hear them!


The den is a flexible space that can be used for a variety of purposes. Some homeowners use it as a family room or home cinema while others choose to transform it into a study or retreat room, home theatre, game room, and many other options. A few homeowners also opt to convert their den into a spare bedroom for the occasions when guests come visiting and need a place to sleep.

In homes that do not have a separate recreation room, the den is an ideal alternative. It can be fitted with large screen TVs and a home theatre system to serve as a media room for family members who are into sports and entertainment. In addition, it can be a cozy reading nook with a fireplace and comfortable chairs. It can even be transformed into a children’s playroom to give the kids a quiet place away from the main living areas of the house.

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